Phoenix’s Next Flight Launches Today!!!

Greetings PCA Members and Downtown Phoenix Supporters

My name is Miguel Martinez and I have been an intern at Phoenix Community Alliance since April of 2013.  In that time I have had the opportunity to meet several incredible people of all professions and I thought to myself, what an amazing opportunity to have a real and practical discussion about urbanism and its effect on the future of Phoenix.  I come from a background of engineering and finished my bachelors in Design Studies of the Built Environment.  From there I continued my education and studied collaboratively with Planners, Real Estate Developers and Architects.  I studied urban infrastructure and revitalization in Spain for 6 weeks and Argentina for 7 months eventually receiving two masters’ degrees in Architecture and Urban Design, which is the study of the physicality of the city as well as its economic driving forces.  My knowledge of all these areas has given me some insight on how the disciplines work together and just as I draw from my educational experiences in design, we must draw from each other’s expertise as we develop Phoenix.  So here’s where you come in, I am aware of the huge impact that PCA has on the downtown area and in order to further our collective understanding of urbanization and draw from all of our expertise I am beginning a blog titled Phoenix’s Next Flight to discuss current urban issues and examples as they relate to Phoenix’s Downtown.  The intent being to lead a discussion on urbanism across the industries and spread the knowledge we all have gained in our respective fields.  In my experience, often times creativity and progress best takes place when all of the decision makers are involved and informed.  I welcome your comments and critiques as they pertain to your specialty and hope that together we can chart Phoenix’s Next Flight

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