Communicating Downtown and What PCA Can Do To Make Downtown Better

Since PCA was formed, almost 30 years ago, never has there been as much enthusiasm about Downtown Phoenix as there is today!

On September 18th, Sherman & Howard hosted PCA’s open house,  “Communicating Downtown Phoenix,” inviting members and others to join us to brainstorm about our next steps to make Downtown Phoenix the best it can be.

As many know, soon a new downtown organization will be formed in Phoenix to help better actualize the many moving parts that comprise Downtown Phoenix.  We are excited about this.

PCA invited two outstanding students from Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communications to assist us in recording the event. We want to thank Ameilia Goe and Cydney McFarland. Please connect to the link for her article in the Downtown Devil .

Amelia also went out on the street to ask our Downtowners at large for their input. More to come on that!

We want your input too. Please let us know what you think. (See below for some questions that may help.)

What Can We Do to Make Downtown Better?

Our attendees came up with some answers that we have divided into three basic categories Places, Spaces and Faces. It was there thought that PCA needs to concentrate equally upon three aspects of Downtown





  • Focus on Residential Development – Downtown Needs More and a Variety of Residential Development
  • Focus on the Warehouse District – Let’s build the District that offers more entertainment, art galleries and bars
  • Add a the “Ferris Wheel” to Hance Park
  • Focus on Non-Ticketed Events – Let’s bring more non-ticketed venues, places where you just drop in


  • Focus on Creating a Better Walking Environment that connects
  • Focus on Small Gathering Places so people stay Downtown
  • Create a Family Friendly Downtown
  • Create attractors in outside spaces (permanent & temporary) – Flower Vendors – Book Fairs – Street Entertainment
  • Make Downtown More Walkable
  • Assure Continuity for connectivity by creating temporary events with music, artwalks, add more trees


  • Focus on more events – especially Foodie Events
  • Create a Bottom Up Steering Committee
  • Focus on more programming at existing facilities, like Civic Space Park i.e., for that park…Create planning activities (use chalk on the sidewalk to plan) that engage the entire community for weekend planning events
  • Create a Master Plan for Downtown – A Downtown Vision
  • Create a Mentoring Program for New Ideas
  • Help People through the City Development – new business process
  • Raise Funds to Finance New Ideas
  • Create a subcommittee comprised of students to develop a plan where Art & Architecture Come Together
  • Create a Student Think Tank Program
  • Attract greater diversity in PCA including young people and more grassroots organizations

What do you think?


What are your impressions of Downtown Phoenix today?

What should a successful downtown of the future look like?

What metrics should Phoenix use to measure Downtown’s success?

What is MOST important for Downtown Phoenix’s success?

What Do You Think?

Our thanks to Amelia Goe and Cydney McFarland, students ASU’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalsim and Mass Communications

Amelia Goe is a student at the ASU Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communications as well as Barrett, The Honors College. She is a reporter and blogger for the Downtown Devil and an active member of the Coed Professional Business Fraternity Alpha Kappa Psi where she holds a position in their marketing committee and acts as the Historian.

Amelia’s passions are numerous making it hard to keep a relaxed schedule. When she isn’t out writing a story, completing homework or covering an event she likes to explore the fashion districts of Arizona, listen to live music, and sample local downtown Phoenix restaurants.

Amelia’s Downtown Devil Food Blog:

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