A Evening With Jerry Colangelo: Community Development

On March 29th, Past PCA Chairman, Jerry Colangelo spent an evening buzzing with PCA members and guests. From starting the Chicago Bulls to recent responsibilities with the newly formed Arizona Commerce Authority, Mr. Colangelo provided the audience an in-depth look on who he is and how he shaped both sports history and the development of Downtown Phoenix. The man has a strong sense of self and purpose. His career is legendary and his experiences priceless.

The evening was full of insight, humor, and inspiration. Although, PCA is not sharing the entire discussion in this post, (I plan on releasing videos of the evening on our You Tube channel. Find us by searching for PHXCOMMAL.) These small clips from the evening provide inspiration on why being involved with Phoenix Community Alliance and organizations that focus on development is important.

 A whole new journey…

Jerry Colangelo moved to Phoenix with a wife, three small children, and $300 in his pocket. And he said, they “never looked back.” And it was the right time, the city was in ripe with opportunity. After earning his “spurs”, Jerry Colangelo’s first community activity in Phoenix was with the Phoenix 40 Group.

Enjoyed Every Minute Of It…

Colangelo was active in Phoenix Community Alliance, assisted in creating Downtown Phoenix Partnership, and built Phoenix into a sports town. Why? Simply put, “to make it a better place to live.”

A New Chapter Begins…

Jerry Colangelo was asked to co-chair the newly formed Arizona Commerce Authority because he can “get things done.” Colangelo and other Arizona stakeholders want to bring positive news about the Valley of the Sun. “We need wins,” says the business and sports man. With the continued commitment to betterment of our community, Arizona is lucky to have Jerry Colangelo in its corner.

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