Flags Across America Project

Steele Indian School Park Needs New Flags for its Flag Plaza – You Can Help!

In 2000, the National Flag Foundation approached the City of Phoenix with a proposal.  They wanted to install a 30 x 60 foot flag at Steele Indian School Park.  The fundraising was done by the National Flag Foundation Arizona representative of Arizona. 

A single, anonymous donor gave $25,000 to purchase a 120 foot pole, night lighting and a 30 x 60 foot American Flag.  Hunt Construction Company donated labor and supplies to build the Flag Plaza.  Architect Christy Ten-Eyck designed the plaza to fit in with the park’s overall design theme.  In 2003, the flag and pole were placed at Steele Indian School Park. 

When the representative of National Flag Foundation Arizona Chapter retired, the replacement of the flag became the responsibility of the City of Phoenix Parks Department. At least three to six flags are needed per year for rotating/cleaning.  A large, 30 x 60 foot flag is used for all patriotic holidays, but a smaller, sturdier, monsoon-type, fabric flag measuring 20 x 38 feet is flown on all other days. 

Currently, Steele Indian School Park has one 20×38 foot flag that they are flying at this time, however due to the City of Phoenix budget constraints there are no funds to continually purchase flags.

 A new 20 x 38 foot flag (monsoon fabric) is approximately $600 and a new 30 x 60 foot flag is approximately $1,400.   

The Phoenix Community Alliance has agreed to help fund raise to provide new flags for the Park.  Donors will be acknowledged at the Phoenix Fabulous 4th of July event at Steele Indian School Park.  Please make checks payable to the Phoenix Community Alliance, a non-profit, 501 (c)3 corporation.  Your contribution is tax deductible.  Mail to 234 North Central Avenue, Suite M-1100, Floor 1A, Phoenix, AZ 85004.

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