When in doubt, compress!

University of Arizona College of Medicine teaches PCA Compression Only CPR!

As long as CPR has been around, it is not, surprisingly, effective. But researchers and students at the University of Arizona, College of Medicine perfected the method and is teaching leaders across the valley a new way to submit CPR. Yesterday, at the PCA Membership Recruitment Lunch, students from U of A taught compression-only CPR. Instead of conventional CPR (switching between mouth-to-mouth ventilations and chest compressions), The State of Arizona has benefitted from using the compression-only CPR method for the last eight years and is finding the method is helping save more lives.

As PCA was promoting membership and being involved in the “HEART” of the Valley, Downtown Phoenix, to new business leaders, it was beneficial to see students from our very own downtown College of Medicine sharing “HEART”-saving research developed by the campus.

Thank you University of Arizona!

To learn more about the method, click the University of Arizona College of Medicine website.

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