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Collect Pennies To Help Shine Our State’s Capitol Copper Dome!

As a Children’s legacy project, the Arizona State Centennial team is launching an Arizona Centennial Penny Drive. The drive kicks off February 9, 2011, the same day voters approved the State’s new Constitution 100 years ago. The project hopes to raise enough funds to shine the copper dome atop of the State Capitol, which is estimated to cost $65,000. Any extra money raised will go to an ongoing improvement fund for projects around the Capitol.

Parents: Encourage your children to make a difference for this memorable time in our State’s history! Arizona Centennial Committee provides a toolkit for helping your child start a Penny Drive in their school. Teachers: make the Centennial part of your classroom experience by providing lessons on Arizona’s history. At PCA, we are going to do our part. We will have a jar at the office to help collect pennies as well as at all our meetings until the end of the drive on April 15th. We want to leave a legacy! Let’s work together to SHINE THE DOME! SHINE THE DOME! SHINE THE DOME!

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