PCA Chairman, Marty Shultz

Walking into the office of Martin Shultz, the first thing that would catch your eye is the stack of cardboard boxes lining the wall, ready to be moved. The second thing you’d notice; the view of Greater Downtown Phoenix.
Sitting on the 20th floor of the APS building, Marty’s office offers arguably the best view of Phoenix. Anyone who knows Marty would tell you that this view is well-deserved. After all, the Phoenix Community Alliance  (PCA) started out of Marty’s office at the old APS headquarters on Central Avenue. Today,  PCA is known as the major, private sector catalyst of Greater Downtown Phoenix. Through the year’s Marty’s leadership has been a driving force behind the organization. There are few projects in Downtown Phoenix that Marty Shultz has not had a hand in moving forward through PCA. Most notable is the Human Service Campus, a national model for its care and assistance to homeless persons in Phoenix. Few people understand the complexities of successful public and private partnerships as Mr. Shultz. His capacity to achieve results is legend.

Marty’s devotion to the community came long before the creation of PCA. Few may remember that, he started his career teaching students with learning disabilities. Perhaps some would be surprised to know that a man who holds such a prominent executive position for one of the largest corporations in Arizona had been involved in teaching, but it shows Marty’s unfaltering commitment to the improvement of the community. For this reason, it comes as no surprise that Marty has continually been an advocate for PCA ever since the start.

While discussing PCA’s success over the years, Marty believes there is still a need for continual support as well as new participation from the downtown community. He says,“we now have examples of a vibrant downtown, such as the opening of CityScape and the creation of the METRO light rail. People now have the opportunity to shape downtown and influence policy and development through PCA. [Potential members] should be pleased to be a part of something dynamic in the heart of Phoenix.”

So why did I mention the packed cardboard boxes? Well, the boxes in the foreground of a view of Phoenix couldn’t better depict Marty at this point. They represent Marty leaving the position as Vice President of Government Affairs for Pinnacle West Capital Corp/APS to be with Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck in January. Nonetheless, Marty will continue to devote his time to the Phoenix community—which just so happens to be the view from his office.

Despite saying adieu to his employer of 31 years, Phoenix Community Alliance is very happy to say that Mr. Shultz will continue to be our chairman. We look forward to the years to come—until then, have a Happy New Years from all of us at Phoenix Community Alliance!

One thought on “PCA Chairman, Marty Shultz

  1. There are few leaders like Marty and I’m glad that he is able to continue with PCA. Humble, smart, fun and just plain great! There are a lot of challenges for the new year and I can’t think of anyone better to help lead the way. Congratulations on your time with APS and your new adventure with Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck!

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