26 Blocks iPad app launch on December 3rd!

The most talked about art event in Phoenix—26 Blocks—launches its free iPad application and is joined by Ear Candy Charity and Mr. Meeble to unwrap a holiday party that you will not want to miss! Block out First Friday, Dec 3rd, 2010, 6pm to midnight, for this FREE, all ages, two-block block party at CityScape Phoenix.

The event sees the debut of the FREE progressive 26 Blocks iPad application and features live music by glitchy electronica band Mr. Meeble and many others, live art by Dumperfoo and many others, a FREE 26 Blocks custom engraved 16GB ipad raffle*, the opportunity to win a collection of CD’s from the performing bands.

“Now that 26 Blocks has proved its success and a touring schedule is secured, it’s time to take the project — and the city of Phoenix — to the next level,” said Joey Robert Parks, social entrepreneur and creator/producer of the exhibit. “A FREE iPad application of 26 Blocks makes it possible for the entire world to see our Phoenix, through our eyes—not through the tinted lens of outsider opinions or negative commentary based on politics. With the release of this app we’ll be one of the first (if not the first) art exhibition to integrate the iPad platform directly into the art show itself; and Phoenix will be one of the first cities to share a show about itself on this paradigm-changing device. Launching the app in the heart of downtown at Christmas time in 2010 is the perfect gift for Phoenix.”







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