Third Eye Blind at CityScape!

This past weekend, CityScape held a block party as a way to promote the new asset to Downtown Phoenix. On Thursday November 4th, CityScape held the Mayor Gordon’s State of Downtown. On Friday, Macy Gray (a Grammy award winning singer) performed, and on Saturday, Third Eye Blind performed for the thousands of Phoenicians in the audience. The best part? All of these events were free.

The whole place was filled with fans who clapped and sang along to Third Eye Blind’s songs. The atmosphere was fun and lively, with businesses (such as Urban Outfitters) staying open late specifically for the event. From eating, to dancing, to shopping, CityScape successfully provided a multitude of entertainment.

CityScape managed to hold such a huge concert by closing Central Avenue and actually placing a stage in the middle of the street. Since CityScape spans across both sides of Central Avenue, the stage was perfectly nestled between its two sections. Additionally, a jumbo screen was mounted on top of the stage, allowing every fan to get a good glimpse of the band.

The impressive part of CityScape is its malleability to accommodate seemingly any event, at any time of the day. From a bustling commercial marketplace, to a comfortable Oktoberfest filled with beer and food, to a venue that holds thousands of spectators.

So far, CityScape has managed to continually impress us with their capability of throwing events that draw in all age groups, day and night. It’s what we’ve all been waiting for in Downtown Phoenix! Now that, friends, definitely deserves a toast! (Where should you celebrate? Check out Downtown Phoenix Journal’s comprehensive calendar of events to decide!)

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