Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween

It has been a competitive October for the staff here at PCA. We have been diligently following the AZCentral.com Candy Smackdown where all-time favorites like Snickers and Reese’s went head-to-head with candy greats like Candy Corn and Starburst. In the beginning of the month, AZCentral.com set up a bracket system similar to the NCAA tournament’s March Madness. (AZCentral.com called the series, “Sugar Madness”). Candies were ranked and then competed against each other during the week until one candy king was crowned.

Our team has been actively competing against each other. Each round, JoMarie, Don, myself, and our ASU Intern Valerie would submit our candy choices in that round’s bracket, earning points for each winning candy we chose. Obviously, each of us had our favorites. Don was adamant that Peanut M&Ms were going all the way and JoMarie (our in-house chocolate lover) couldn’t pick the final champion, (Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups vs. Butterfinger) choosing to vote that they “tied.”

Well, the results are in and our in-office October madness is finally over. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups won the Candy Champs “Cup”! And for PCA, with a total combined score of 108 points, Don Keuth inched out as the leader. I was second with 106 points (major upsets in the fourth round when Snickers and Skittles failed to make it to the Final (Freaky) 4. JoMarie was third with 83 points and Valerie was fourth with 72.

So what does our Candy King win? Don will be awarded his favorite candy from his three colleagues, of course. However, I think I will wait to get his prize until the post-Halloween candy sales! Special thanks to AZCentral.com for the fun.

Phoenix Community Alliance wishes you a happy and safe Halloween weekend!

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