CityScape – It’s All About the Community

CityScape, as defined on their website, is  ‘a mixed-use, multi-dimensional development that has never been done before in the city of Phoenix. The project combines residential, retail, hotel, office, public park space and more into one central and cohesive project.’

Mike Ebert, a Managing Partner and one of the founding partners of RED Development, LLC., talked to me to give us a little more insight into their CityScape development.

Why did you choose the site for CityScape?

There were a few reasons.  To start, the 0/0 address helps define the center of the city and the downtown area.  We also saw a move towards more retail space in the core areas of cities.  Finally, Phoenix was under-served from a retail/restaurant perspective.   This has demand has been satisfied through this project with the fact that even in this difficult economy, we have 95% of our retail space and 90% of the office space leased.

What makes CityScape different than other projects or development?

The location of CityScape within the core area of downtown provides the greatest opportunity for use. The mix of tenants that serve downtown help meet the needs of daytime use as well as provide an opportunity to help serve the needs of the ballpark, arena and Herberger within a short walk.  It’s something that serves the local residents as well as the larger population as a entertainment destination.

What can PCA members do to leverage the assets of CityScape?

CityScape has open spaces that will serve as a central gathering point for locals and visitors. These spaces are available to the public to use, without charge, that hopefully will connect people, places and events as a community. For example, the Mayor will provide a state of the city address, there will be a local Yelp event, Macy Gray will perform an informal free concert and the Rock ‘n Roll Marathon will now start from CityScape. Downtown is the only place where diversity really happens naturally – whether it’s through income, age or whatever.  CityScape is focused on the community and was a vital part of the project.

You are Phoenix Community Alliance’s Vice Chair, why PCA?

I like the mission of PCA and believe in Don’s leadership.  He has a unique style that is pro community and isn’t afraid to take on difficult issues and engage all stakeholders.  The Board is free to have the tough conversations whether it’s civic, education or even development.

Get a first-hand look at what CityScape  has to offer at thePCA’s October Board meeting October 7th at 11:30 am – 1:00pm.  Thanks to Lucky Strike Lanes for hosting the meeting. Members may RSVP by calling 602-254-7477.

To learn more about CityScape, visit their siteFor more information about Mike Ebert and RED Development visit them here.

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