Welcome Valerie Morgan!

Valerie Morgan

We want to welcome Valerie Morgan, our new Fall Intern!  Valerie comes to us from Arizona State University – Tempe and will be maintaining our membership information and provide research and assistance to our meetings and new media communication. (She already posted her first blog- Check it out!) Below is more information about our new addition to the PCA Family! Please feel free to leave her welcome messages in our comment section.

Learn more about Valerie… 

Major: Senior, Bachelor of Science Economics

About: I enjoy learning new things and trying new foods from around the world, especially South-East Asian foods. I’m a painter, but I definitely don’t consider myself an artist… at least not yet. I love adventure, which is probably why I love traveling so much (I think we can all agree that you never know what will happen on a vacation!) I speak French and I’m in the process of learning Chinese in the hopes that someday the combination of these languages will be useful in my future career path. One day, I wish to scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef.

Why do you want to be a PCA Intern? I joined the Phoenix Community Alliance to gain first-hand experience in working with a non-profit organization that both directly and indirectly contributes to the development of Phoenix. With this said, I hope to better understand the dynamics between influential business leaders and decision-makers of Phoenix who are brought together by their parallel visions of the city’s future. Not only do I anticipate offering my skill-sets for the betterment of the Phoenix Community Alliance, I plan to carry this unique and rare opportunity of interning at the PCA with me for the rest of my future career endeavors.

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