Health & Bioscience: Future State of Medical and Pharmacy Education

Guest Speakers:
Dr. Stuart D. Flynn, Dean and Professor, Department of Basic Medical Sciences, The University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix

Phil Schneider, Associate Dean For Academic and Professional Affairs, College of Pharmacy – Phoenix Biomedical Campus, The University of Arizona

On Tuesday August 17th, Dr. Stuart Flynn and Phil Schneider talked with PCA members on the future plans and visions of health care in the coming years. Dr. Flynn emphasized the innovative yet rigorous medical program at the University of Arizona that has been modeled to better prepare future medical professionals. Students at the University of Arizona medical program, for example, begin having hands-on experience with real patients within the first two weeks of classes starting, an opportunity that is unheard of in other medical programs.

Dr. Flynn further emphasized the importance of investing in state-of-the-art technology that will enable students to better prepare for real-world experiences. Investments include computerized mannequins that mimic the human bodily functions which allows students to perform examinations and procedures that would otherwise been performed on real patients. These mannequins are computerized, giving the instructor the ability to challenge his or her students by imposing real-life medical emergencies without ever endangering a life.

Then, Phil Schneider discussed the importance of changing Phoenix Healthcare today to meet the increasing demands of tomorrow. The ideas of change include a better method of preventative care incentives for Phoenicians, which would ultimately keep costs of hospitalizations down while also minimizing in-hospital infections and medical mistakes. Schneider also discussed the importance of accessibility of personal health records, in-home care, and gave insight on the new technology at hand that makes these visions feasible. 

August 17, 2010 Health and Bioscience Meeting

For other pictures, check out the slideshow on Flickr:

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