Green Your Business

Green your business and ultimately save some green in your wallet!

Many, if not all of you, are aware of the movement to be GREEN. We have heard about being more eco-friendly, energy efficient, reduce waste and minimize consumption, and of course, recycle. From hybrid cars to statements under an email signature asking recipients to think twice before printing, many of these acts have become mantras for a way of life. Although there are many personal changes one can make, what about changes for your business?

First, look up…do you have energy efficient bulbs in your light fixtures? Take a quick gaze out the window, can you tell if the panes are weatherproof? Look around, do you know the efficiency measures of the building where your office is located? If you want to learn more about opportunities on making your business green and did not know where to start, mark your calendars for August 19th. PCA is hosting its monthly Buzz meeting on highlighting initiatives available for businesses to be more energy efficient and therefore save on costs of energy consumption.

PCA August Buzz: “Green Your Business”

Thursday August 19, 2010

4:00pm – 5:30pm


PCA Office

234 N. Central Avenue, Suite M1100

Phoenix, AZ 85004

The meeting will feature speakers from the City of Phoenix and Arizona Public Service (APS) which have been awarded grants to help retrofit buildings, reduce energy and increase efficiency, all while saving your company money in the future.

Energize Phoenix and the Green Rail Corridor

In April, the City of Phoenix, in partnership with Arizona State University and Arizona Public Service was awarded a $25 million federal grant to launch “Energize Phoenix.” The project will reduce electricity consumption, generate thousands of green jobs and transform neighborhoods as well as focus on building retrofits along a 10-mile stretch of land adjacent to light rail. The city has a goal of targetting 30 million square feet of commercial industrial space and approximately 2,000 residential units in the Green Rail Corridor. City of Phoenix Assistant Public Works Director, Carolyn Bristo, and Energy Manager, Dimitrios Laloudakis will be present the grant and how the city and your business can benefit.  For additional information on the grant, go to the Public Works website.



APS Solutions for Business Program

APS offers business incentives to help reduce the demand for energy.

  • APS customers who have received rebates in Solutions of Business will save $400 million over the lifetime of the projects installed.  Not only do APS participants save money but will have significant water savings and lower greenhouse-gas emissions. Those savings represent 1.39 billion gallons of water saved and a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of 2.7 million tons or the equivalent of removing more than 400,000 cars from the roadways, since the program began in 2006.
  • APS also offers Express Solutions to businesses with average monthly demand of 100 kW or less and schools of any size in APS service territory. This incentive significantly reduces the cost and hassle of energy efficiency upgrades — rebates can cover 45- 90 percent of the project costs. The return on investment for customers participating in Express Solutions is typically less than one year.

Wayne Dobberpuhl, Senior Engineer who manages the APS Solutions for Business program will discuss these and other opportunities for your business. Additional information: Solutions for Business Website.

There is no cost to attend the meeting but please RSVP by email at or call (602) 254-7477 ext 50. This meeting will be informative and will provide opportunities to learn how your business can participate. Buzz meetings are opportunities to network, exchange information, and gather tools to assist your business.

Information about our guest speakers:

Carolyn Bristo, Assistant Public Works Director, City of Phoenix, manages Public Works support services including facilities, energy, fleet, and administrative services:  budget, information services, contracts and environmental services.  Carolyn is the City of Phoenix sustainability coordinator.  She is also the executive sponsor for: 1) the Energize Phoenix $25M federal energy efficiency project in central Phoenix and 2) the $750M, 250MW SR-85 utility scale public/private Tessera Solar Project at the City’s only active landfill.  Ms. Bristo manages an operating budget over $112M, a 5-year capital improvement budget totaling over $65M and over 500 employees.

Dimitrios Laloudakis, Energy Manager, City of Phoenix, plans, organizes and directs the City’s energy management program including the development of renewable energy goals and sustainability policy for the Public Works Department.  Manage operating and CIP energy project budgets for city departments.  Lead efforts for efficient design and construction of city facilities through “green building” practices and LEED program standards.   Also manage ARRA funded projects under the Energy Efficiency & Conservation Block Grant (EECBG) Program including the newly awarded “Energize Phoenix” Project along the Light Rail Corridor.

Wayne Dobberpuhl, Senior Engineer, Arizona Public Service (APS) manages the APS Solutions for Business program.  He is a registered Professional Engineer in the State of Arizona with 30 years of energy and design engineering experience. Wayne’s background ranges from program development to energy design engineering and project management.  He coordinates the Certified Energy Managers (CEM) training class and test for the Phoenix chapter of AEE.

Questions? If you have a specific question that you would you like answered by our guest speakers during the meeting, please post as a comment. All questions will be presented to the speakers and addressed during the meeting or through our blog. Thank you for your participation and we look forward to seeing you on August 19.

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