Welcome CVS/Pharmacy!

Mayor Gordon welcomes CVS Pharmacy

It has been 30 years since Downtown Phoenix was home to a pharmacy. CVS/Pharmacy located in Cityscape accepted its first customers after the historic ribbon cutting this morning. Mayor Gordon opened today’s ceremony discussing the economic and retail significance of the new location and gave insight on what is more to come to Cityscape and the downtown area. Mayor Gordon stated that since 2006, he and his colleagues have poured over $4 billion into the downtown revitalization, with the investment in the biomedical campus, the Sheraton Downtown hotel, and the development of two additional hotel properties (apparently, the only 2 hotels being built in the country). The opening of today’s pharmacy and retail location not only helps bring more sales tax dollars to the city but provides the added convenience to all the people who live and work downtown. Forget that anniversary gift, have a prescription to fill or need an extra snack to get through the workday, now you can easily walk or take the light rail to the CVS/Pharmacy!  

CVS provides a little extra comfort and convenience.

For additional information, see links for Cityscape, CVS/Pharmacy, Phoenix Community Alliance.

Additional photos and videos will be available on our Flickr and YouTube sites.

2 thoughts on “Welcome CVS/Pharmacy!

  1. Hi I just wanted to leave a comment to say that I enjoy your blog. I see others feel the same way! Congratulations on a very popular site.


    • Thanks for your comment. Let us know if we can help provide you further information on issues that you would like to learn about in the Greater Downtown and Phoenix-area.

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