Healthcare Transformation Institute

PCA Higlights the Health Transformation Institute

I do not think that any one would disagree that the world of healthcare is complex. At one point or another in our lives, we will have to deal with the health industry. At a recent Phoenix Community Alliance board of director’s meeting (Sponsored by Schaller Anderson, an Aetna company), our members were introduced to the Healthcare Transformation Institute (HTI). Dr. J. Lyle Bootman, Dean of the College of Pharmacy, University of Arizona and MaryAnn Guerra, CEO and Chairman of BioAccel spoke exclusively to PCA members on the initiative that is focused on changing the value and quality of the healthcare industry.

Did you know that the U.S. spends up to $2.5 trillon on healthcare? The amount is expected to almost double in 9 years. According to Dr. Bootman and HTI, we can eliminate or decrease the cost the U.S. spends by making changes to our personal health and the healthcare system like maintaining healthy weights, not smoking, and wiring our healthcare.  Increasing the use of technology to manage our health history and medications could save America up to $160 billon dollars. 

Dr. Bootman and MaryAnn Guerra are pioneering efforts to not only change healthcare delivery, but also education and technology. This movement which is being conceived and growing in Arizona is exciting for the community, the country, and the world.

Organizations like HTI, TGEN, BioAccel and others are working to improve our country’s health system in innovative ways and this is happening right in our city. At Phoenix Community Alliance, we want to give our members the exclusive opportunity to learn about the exciting progress in the Central City. Through membership at PCA, you and your organization can increase your business and community network, learn first-hand what is happening in the area, and most importantly, be involved in the process. Learn more about being a member of  PCA on our website.

Please see links below for more information on HTI and Phoenix Biomedical Campus:


The University of Arizona, College of Medicine – Phoenix

Critical Path Institute

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