The art of enjoying Ignite Phoenix #7

The Art of Bad Writing, Creativity in a Prison Wasteland, Food Photography with a Mobile Phone and more.  These were just a few of my favorite presentations from Ignite Phoenix #7 themed event ‘The Art of”.  This was the 5th Ignite event that I’ve attended.  Why? The passion, humor and just plain humanness behind the presentations along with the support of the audience is amazing and like nothing else I’ve seen. You can feel the energy and connection from the audience for each of the presenters and leave the events with such a feeling of excitement.

The event is put on by a team of volunteers and they couldn’t do it without the sponsors.  The Valley wants this event and needs it.  It brings a venue for energy and creativity that is needed to help build our community and I am proud of the folks that have spent so much time and effort to put it together and have kept it running for so long.

So what is the ‘art’ of enjoying Ignite Phoenix?  Be supportive. Be open. Be yourself and just enjoy watching the passion ignite.

Ignite Phoenix #8 details will be coming soon.  Check out for more information. Will you participate? Will you attend?

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