There Is A Spark in Downtown Phoenix

Ignite Phoenix 7 reaches Downtown tonight at Phoenix Art Museum.

What is Ignite Phoenix? Who better to let us know than one of the organizers? Michael Barber was nice enough to answer a few questions for PCA members regarding tonight’s event, which launches the 7th in the Ignite Phoenix series. The event takes place at 6:00pm at the Phoenix Art Museum. This is the first Ignite to take place in the Downtown Central City area and although tickets are sold out, there may still be some opportunities to grab one by following the twitter handle: @IgnitePhoenix.

Are you going to be there? PCA member Jill Howard Allen will be onsite following the presentations and will be giving us a recap about the event however we would love to hear about your time as well.  Comment us back on

What is Ignite Phoenix? 

At its core, Ignite Phoenix brings together the community for one evening to watch 18 presenters tell what they are passionate about, what makes them tick or get up every morning in 5 minutes over 20 slides. 

That being said, this is probably the single hardest, but most frequent question we are asked. It’s the hardest question to answer because I believe each individual defines what Ignite Phoenix means to them. To the attendees, it could mean an evening of entertainment, enlightenment or joy. To the organizers or presenters, it could me something totally different. Ignite Phoenix really is what you define it to be. 

How do you define the creative class?

I believe Ignite defines the creative class differently then the classic definition of knowledge-based workers using acquired skills to solve complex problems. We tend to believe the creative class embodies anyone and everyone who is doing something they are passionate about that helps or increases the knowledge of the greater community. 

What value is the creative class to Phoenix business and community organizations? 

The creative class brings massive, untapped potential value to Phoenix. To often, this city has heavily relied on certain core pieces of the economy to drive growth. If nothing else, the last few years should have taught us all that just because we have a lot of flat empty land doesn’t mean we should rely on real estate to ensure our collective success. We must begin to hedge our economic and social success on a wide variety of organizations who attract “creative class-like” individuals to the Valley. If we attract organizations who rely on these types of employees and thus attract them, both the organization and individuals will bring tremendous knowledge, ideas and revenue generating opportunities to the city.   


Can you share any success stories from Ignite Phoenix? 

We hear new stories everyday so I will let our community speak for itself. Here are few links to some of those stories. 

How can members learn more? 

Simply visit our website for the latest and greatest Ignite happenings. Additionally, we provide a wide variety of ways to connect with us including on Facebook (, Twitter ( and an email newsletter (

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2 thoughts on “There Is A Spark in Downtown Phoenix

  1. I was lucky enough to get tickets for Ignite #7. If you weren’t as lucky, you can stream it live here: or check out the Madcap Theater in Tempe for their viewing party at 730 S. Mill Ave.

  2. I’ve heard a lot of great things about this event. I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to get a ticket. Hopefully it comes back to Phx Art for Ignite #8. I’m not sure if the location varies each time, but definitely don’t want to miss it after reading about the past events.

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