New Member Highlight: Sherman & Howard L.L.C.

Maureen Anders, Sherman & Howard, L.L.C.

Phoenix Community Alliance wants to welcome new member, Sherman & Howard L.L.C. Maureen Anders, lawyer and partner, gives insight on her organization and shares ways that Sherman & Howard L.L.C is helping Arizona businesses.  

What is the name of your organization?  

Sherman & Howard L.L.C. 
 Can you tell us more about Sherman & Howard L.L.C? 
Sherman & Howard L.L.C., founded in 1892, is the oldest Denver law firm with offices in ten cities and four states.  In January 2009, Sherman & Howard combined with Mohr Hackett, a Phoenix-based firm that had been doing business in Arizona for more than 30 years. Sherman & Howard serves its clients in most aspects of the law affecting businesses and individuals. 

Why did your organization join PCA? 
Sherman & Howard is committed to Arizona and impacting central Phoenix and the State. The firm cares about our community and its future. We are excited by the growth potential in Phoenix and we want to take part in the decisions that influence and shape that growth. There is no other organization than PCA to achieve that goal. 

What do you hope to get out of your membership?  
We plan to have our attorneys take an active part in as many of PCA’s programs and committees as possible.  

What are the issues that affect your business? 
Our firm represents Arizona businesses and government entities that do business in Phoenix.  On behalf of our clients, we need to attract new businesses to Phoenix and encourage existing businesses to remain in Phoenix.   We are interested in all initiatives that affect how potential investors and businesses can develop and use real property to operate their businesses in Phoenix, including matters that affect employment issues and real estate issues. 

How can members contact you for your services?

Our website is Phoenix Community Alliance members can also contact me by email at or call (602) 240-3000.

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