New Member Highlight: Getting It Done, Inc.

Sheila Hamilton, President of Getting It Done, Inc.

Welcome Getting In Done, Inc.!

Phoenix Community Alliance is driven by its members and their voice on creating a dynamic city of Phoenix. Who better to share the value of joining PCA than our newest members. We are excited to welcome Sheila Hamilton, president of Getting It Done, Inc. and as one of our newest members. The following is an interview with Sheila Hamilton about her companies and the value of being a member of Phoenix Community Alliance.


What is the name of your company or companies?

Getting It Done, Inc. and

Can you tell us about your company?

At Getting It Done, as more and more volunteer organizations vie for less and less available volunteer time, the need for effective professional management becomes increasingly critical.  Our mission is to provide management expertise and specialized administrative services to associations in an efficient, cost-effective manner.  We are a team of dedicated professionals specializing in different areas of business. We share work and clients so that every project involves more than one person, thus ensuring continuity of service. is a subsidiary virtual calendar that lists the non-profit calendar of events for those organizations that are in the Real Estate/Economic Development arena.  It is a way for us to share what each organization is planning, and hopefully provide more educational and networking opportunities for their members.

Why did you join PCA?

I have known Don Keuth for many years and have watched all of the success he had brought to the organization which in turn, directly affects our community and our quality of life.  It was time and should have done so years ago!

What do you hope to get out of your membership?

Learning firsthand about the projects PCA is involved in, before they are really publicized to the larger community.   This helps me stay abreast of current local issues so that I can inform my clients about topics and speakers of interest to their members. We want to connect with the who’s who in Phoenix and build key relationships.

What are the issues that affect your business?

No question, the economy.  We spend a lot of time raising money through sponsorships, advertising etc. for our clients.  It’s been a tough few years and we’re happy it appears to be moving in the right direction.   

How can other PCA members contact you for your services?

Our websites are or or call the office at 623-581-3597. Members can also email me at

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