Arizona – Vote Yes on Prop 100

On May 18, 2010, an election will be held concerning a temporary 1-cent sales tax. Early voting on Proposition 100 begins on April 22, 2010. We want to share information with you on how the outcome of this election might impact the education of our future workforce.

Proposition 100 will have a dramatic impact on the quality of our schools because 2/3 of the revenue of this temporary 1-cent sales tax will go to K-12 education. The passage not only affects traditional public schools, but it also has an impact on charter schools.

If Proposition 100 does not pass, these are the following dollars that will be cut from various districts in the downtown area as reported by the Governor’s office.

Phoenix Elementary School District #1- $6,323,678
Phoenix Union High School District- $17,033,142
Osborn Elementary School District- $2,656,353
Creighton Elementary School District- $6,091,423
University Public Schools – $474,191

Not only will class sizes grow, but all the money given to schools to maintain their school buildings will be cut. In other words, the funds used to pay for cleaning schools, mowing lawns, repairing broken windows, repairing air conditioners, etc., will be cut- 100% of it eliminated!

Not only will money to maintain school buildings be cut, but money to buy textbooks, furniture, equipment, and instructional materials will be cut- 100% of it eliminated!

No one likes tax increases, but this one is temporary (eliminated after 3 years). It only costs us 1-cent per sale, and will help to offset cuts to K-12 education.

PCA urges your support for Proposition 100

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