Come Learn about TEDX Phoenix

Tomas Carrillo

Dear PCA Members,

The TED experience has come to Phoenix, and we see you as the kind of forward-thinking minds that might just be interested in learning about this exciting new initiative.

Last November, a small group of TEDxPhoenix volunteers set out to challenge the Phoenix-metro community to play a part in making our city and world a better place. Operating on a zero dollar budget and word of mouth advertising, the inaugural TEDxPhoenix event brought together 600 of Arizona’s inquisitive minds to try and change the world through great ideas worth spreading.

TEDxPhoenix is a local, self-organized event that strives to achieve the electric atmosphere found at the globally renowned TED conference. TED believes in the power of great ideas to change our world and annually invites the worldʼs brightest minds and leading figures to share ideas worth spreading and executing. TED also believes in the power of connecting people who can engage and get behind these ideas.

Phoenix has countless stories of action, leadership, and innovation that need to be told—thus for 2010, TEDxPhoenix is aiming to continue the momentum from their first event by finding the best speakers and attendees by drawing from the diverse population of local thinkers and doers.

TEDxPhoenix’s Executive Director, Tomas Carrillo, will be discussing the history and thinking behind TEDxPhoenix at the upcoming March 18 BUZZ meeting. We highly recommend that you attend to see what TEDxPhoenix has in store for the Phoenix metro community and to see how you can play a part in the creation of a community who wants to lead in local and global “ideas worth spreading.”

by Darren Stevenson Photography for TEDxPhoenix

Visit for more information about the meeting and benefits of membership.

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