Taste of Phoenix…the best of the best…

Larry Lazarus of Lazarus & Associates is by far PCA’s Master Connesieur of Culinary Delights. His palate is impeccable and he has a following that is unprecendented.

Here are his latest recommendations for a “never to be forgotten” eating experience!

FEZ http://www.fezoncentral.com

“Try one of their burgers. While there may be other good burgers in town, this is arguably the best downtown. Kisra’s (flat herb bread w/a variety of toppings) are very good. The sweet potato fries dusted with cinnamon are great! It’s a high energy place with excellent service.” – LL

Gallo Blanco http://www.galloblancocafe.com

“Interesting menu! Try their soft shell mini tacos; pork, fish, beef or vegetable. They are $2 each. While most people eat 3, I have no less than 4. The eggs and chorizo are also good but the portions are small (for me).” LL

Barrio Café http://www.barriocafe.com

“Best Mexican restaurant in town! No reservations are taken and they are closed on Mondays. Go at odd times or you could wait awhile. Great guacamole, in the evenings they make it tableside. Southern Mexican dishes like their Enchiladas del Mar (scallops, shrimp and crab) can’t be topped anywhere else. Friends from NYC said it was some of the best they have eaten (and there are lots of good restaurants in NYC).” LL

Moira Sushi Bar http://www.moirasushi.com

“Brand new restaurant. I have gone twice. Both times I ordered one of their special Sushi’s which were very fresh and well presented. Try the “Zu” and the “Rising Sun.” I really hope this place makes it and the quality is maintained!” LL

Others, if you want more, would include:

Sens (www.sensake.com)

Matt’s Big Breakfast (www.mattsbigbreakfast.com)

Local Breeze (www.localbreeze.com)

Los Dos Molinos (www.losdosmolinosaz.com)

The Vig – though not technically close to downtown (www.thevig.us)

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